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  • Power Generation Direct Replacement™
    Spare parts and components for the steam and gas turbine power generation industry.

  • Race Car Engines + Parts

  • Can Manufacturing 
    Original equipment and replacement parts.

  • Original Equipment & Direct Replacement™ Engineered Components and Assemblies for the Pulp & Paper Industry.

  • Industrial Valves

  • Aerospace

  • Medical Equipment

Seeley Machine, Inc. is a full service manufacturing company employing 25+ highly skilled machinist, who are trained to work with any type of material to manufacture precision machined parts to exacting specs. Seeley Machine Inc., consist of four main entities with a focus on servicing the following industries and the ability to make any part requested.

Direct Replacement™ methods of reverse engineering allow our customers the ability to source spare parts and components that were once thought to be obsolete. We have developed many innovative manufacturing and design methods over the past 2 1/2 decades and are therefore able to offer our customers the highest level of quality with a pricing structure that is further evidence of our efficiency in manufacturing. 

Our precision machined parts are inspected and maintained by our full time qualified quality assurance and control inspector.


Seeley Machine, Inc. (SMI) can now offer grinding for our customers, with the ability to grind work pieces with higher quality and accuracy at faster cycle times, with our CNC Cylindrical Grinder, 14” swing x 60” table length Kellenberger UR 175/1500 machine with internal grinding capability.

We have the ability to make precision shafts, tubes, bearing races, bushings and may other parts. With the addition of this machine we can now provide services to the mold making, aerospace and many other industries that require precision ground parts.

Cylindrical grinding is a type of grinding that shapes the outside of an object. The grinder can work on many different shapes, however the shape must have a central axis of rotation.

Cylindrical grinding, with our machine, is defined as having four essential actions:

  • The work must be constantly rotating.

  • The grinding wheel must be constantly rotating.

  • The grinding wheel is fed into the work.

  • The worktable traverses independent of the wheel slide (feed slide).

Waterjet & EDM

Seeley Machine Inc., offers water jet machining, having the ability to cut through any type of material with pressurized water is an area of our expertise. We have highly trained machinists who can design and precision cut your part with our water jet machine.

We work on a Chukar Industries, Jet Edge CNC Water Jet gantry type, model 55-50B with a 48" x 144" table. We offer EDM in our shop for those metals that are hard to machine with traditional techniques. We use a Multimeter True RMS model 596C to EDM. We strive to be ahead of other machine shops who do not offer water jet or electrical discharge machining.

All of our parts are inspected by our full time quality inspector for precision to maintain great customer service.


Seeley Machine, Inc., offers some of the best welding systems in the machining industry and we have highly skilled welding specialist who do amazing work.  

We work with the following systems:

  • Plasma Transferred Arc
    An integrated system with 3 tons of chilling. A PTA system of this size enables hard facing to be applied flat on it's 3 axis table, or on arbitrary features utilizing the multi angle rotary positioner & oscillator. The 3 different size production torches allows the flexability and coverage needed to satifsy industry requirements.

  • 3 Lincoln 275 Precision Tig Machines

  • Lincoln Idea ARC SP-200

  • 2 Miller Invision 456 with Wire Feed

  • CK World Wide Wire Feed & Oscillator

  • Programmable Lindberg 12 CW FT Oven

  • Kuka KR350 6 Axis Robot with KRZ Control


Stellite™ has been a large part of Seeley Machine, Inc. (SMI) for 15 years or more. Because of the increasing demands from customers for super-hard finishes on products, we invested in the proper equipment and training to be able to offer this elite service. 

Becoming a provider of Stellite™ coatings takes a significant investment up front in time and equipment. We had to learn about the product and specifications. We sent employees to Houston for Stellite™ training and now we offer a wide range of coating materials – cobalt and nickel based alloys, super-alloys and high alloyed steels – that meet all requirements of any industry for protection against heat, corrosion, erosion and wear.

The way we produce a Stellite™ coating is by taking cobalt 6 powder, for example, and applying it to a rough-machined round and/or flat metal surface using the plasma transferred arc (PTA) method of welding. This melts the powder and creates slurry or plasma overlay on the surface. The Stellite™ surface overlay becomes very hard, corrosive resistant, wear resistant and has high resistance to galling.

ANYTIME you have an adhesive, abrasive or erosive atmosphere, we recommend that you use Stellite™ coatings on your machine parts to increase productivity.

Coating with Stellite™ changes the material composition, making the material harder, thus able to survive severe environments. It’s really a magic bullet for industries that are under pressure to increase wear, production and help reduce safety risk.

There are a large number of Stellite™ alloys composed of various amounts of cobalt, nickel, iron, aluminum, boron, carbon, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and titanium, in various proportions, most alloys contain four to six of these element.


Seeley Machine, Inc. owns and services all Airlox®™ products, including Pneumatic Vises/Chucks, Pneumatic Cylinders/Clamps, and Pneumatic Crimpers/Punches. Please contact Seeley Machine, Inc. for information regarding these items.

Contact Seeley Machine, Inc. for more information on all of our Airlox®™ vises. Airlox®™ Sales Engineers provide workholding solutions and will gladly recommend the products that fit your equipment and applications.
Airlox®™ patented workholding products were first produced in 1933. As testimony to their superior design and quality, many of these six-decade-old machining vises are still productively in use today. Equally surprising, Airlox®™ has maintained a detailed record of every product ever made. In fact, if any Airlox®™ product needs a repair part, refurbishing or retrofit, it could be supplied today. With the customer quality commitment, Airlox™ continues to set precision workholding standards for industrial production.
Airlox®™ Pneumatic Vises utilize an exclusive, patented air operated wedge and levers mechanism. Quick movement and rigid grip result from forces acting through the wedge/levers rather than directly on the air cylinder. The single acting air cylinder and operating mechanism is enclosed and shielded from chips, coolants and lubricants. Vise jaw movement can be synchronized with machine tool functions using any three-way valve; either hand or foot operated, or an electric valve triggered by "M" code in the CNC machine. Automation can eliminate all manual operation and Airlox precision vises are ideal for unattended operation of "pick and place" robots.
Airlox®™ Pneumatic Vises are perfect for high accuracy tool and mold applications. Each vise is CNC machined and inspected for flatness and parallelism. All bed height tolerances are held to +-.005" and strict quality control ensures product consistency and reliability.

Oscillators + Nozzles

Seeley Machine, Inc. offers different size oscillators that are built on site and tested for compliance. We specialize in Oscillators and Nozzles for the paper industry. Please contact us with questions at 518-798-9510. You can also email us questions from the site.  

We offer many types of nozzles for the paper industry and we make and test each nozzle in house before we ship them to the customer.


Model 1202 Cross Hatch Machine w/ Arbor Set
The Cross Hatch machine is specific to Can making plants. This machine provides a uniform crosshatch pattern along the outside of the punch. The purpose of the crisscross pattern is to help with making and release the can from the punch after each stroke. These can also be used to put a finish on Valve Bushings for Power Generation plants.


  • Can be adjusted to have a variety of angles (60 deg. Is preferred)
  • Different Diamond media can be changed to match the required surface finish 8~10, 10~12 & 14~18 (10~12 Standard)
  • Adaptable to all punch design and diameters with an adapter. (adapters and cam plates are available)
  • Three position selector switch for different punch diameters to attain the correct angle pattern.
    * 202 *211 *307
  • Optional lubrication system to control the carbide dust and aid in the cutting the carbide. (Carcinogenic)
  • Simple diamond media advancement. (Easy upgrade from the old design)

Change Over:

  • Simple switching from one punch design to another by changing the arbor and control cam.
    1. Slide off the current arbor and replace with the arbor of the new punch.
    2. Lift and remove the current control cam and replace with the new control cam for the punch.
      **This provides the correct area to be crosshatched and safety operation if the machine is started without a punch.

We started making the Cross Hatch machine in 2004, and have continued to upgrade these machines for faster and better quality. We work with our customers to meet their needs, making adjustments when needed, using their suggestions to offer upgrades and options.

We have machines in many locations around the world, including Ball-US and Ball-Asia and AMCOR.


  • Low cost

  • Simple to use

  • Small footprint

  • Adapts to all punch design and styles

  • All punches have a consistent pattern operator to operator. (No hand finishing.)

  • Safety interlock cannot operate with door open

  • Better tear-off performance

Universal Current

Works on both 115 VAC + 220 VAC

Comes With

Arbor set + mounting hardware

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