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Stellite™ has been a large part of Seeley Machine, Inc. (SMI) for 15 years or more. Because of the increasing demands from customers for super-hard finishes on products, we invested in the proper equipment and training to be able to offer this elite service. 

Becoming a provider of Stellite™ coatings takes a significant investment up front in time and equipment. We had to learn about the product and specifications. We sent employees to Houston for Stellite™ training and now we offer a wide range of coating materials – cobalt and nickel based alloys, super-alloys and high alloyed steels – that meet all requirements of any industry for protection against heat, corrosion, erosion and wear.

The way we produce a Stellite™ coating is by taking cobalt 6 powder, for example, and applying it to a rough-machined round and/or flat metal surface using the plasma transferred arc (PTA) method of welding. This melts the powder and creates slurry or plasma overlay on the surface. The Stellite™ surface overlay becomes very hard, corrosive resistant, wear resistant and has high resistance to galling.

ANYTIME you have an adhesive, abrasive or erosive atmosphere, we recommend that you use Stellite™ coatings on your machine parts to increase productivity.

Coating with Stellite™ changes the material composition, making the material harder, thus able to survive severe environments. It’s really a magic bullet for industries that are under pressure to increase wear, production and help reduce safety risk


There are a large number of Stellite™ alloys composed of various amounts of cobalt, nickel, iron, aluminum, boron, carbon, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and titanium, in various proportions, most alloys contain four to six of these element.



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