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Model 1202 Cross Hatch Machine w/ Arbor Set

The Cross Hatch machine is specific to Can making plants. This machine provides a uniform crosshatch pattern along the outside of the punch. The purpose of the crisscross pattern is to help with making and release the can from the punch after each stroke. These can also be used to put a finish on Valve Bushings for Power Generation plants.


  • Low Cost
  • Simple to use
  • Small footprint
  • CE and UL approved
  • Adapts to all punch design and styles
  • All punches have a consistent pattern operator to operator. (No Hand Finishing)
  • Safety interlock cannot operate with door open
  • Better tear-off performance


  • Can be adjusted to have a variety of angles (60 deg. Is preferred)
  • Different Diamond media can be changed to match the required surface finish 8~10, 10~12 & 14~18 (10~12 Standard)
  • Adaptable to all punch design and diameters with an adapter. (adapters and cam plates are available)
  • Three position selector switch for different punch diameters to attain the correct angle pattern.
    * 202 *211 *307
  • Optional lubrication system to control the carbide dust and aid in the cutting the carbide. (Carcinogenic)
  • Simple diamond media advancement. (Easy upgrade from the old design)


  • Simple switching from one punch design to another by changing the arbor and control cam.
    1. Slide off the current arbor and replace with the arbor of the new punch.
    2. Lift and remove the current control cam and replace with the new control cam for the punch.
      **This provides the correct area to be crosshatched and safety operation if the machine is started without a punch.


    Works on both 115VAC & 220VAC.


  • Arbor set
  • Mounting hardware

We started making the Cross Hatch machine in 2004, and have continued to upgrade these machines for faster and better quality. We work with our customers to meet their needs, making adjustments when needed, using their suggestions to offer upgrades and options.

We have machines in many locations around the world, including Ball-US and Ball-Asia and AMCOR.


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